Design Your Design Organization

Kristin Skinner

As companies of all sizes continue to accelerate building design capabilities, there is still very little common wisdom on what makes for a successful design team and organisation. Some of the most common issues that design teams face – including limited time and resources, involving the right people and teams, and lack of proven value – can often have an outsized impact on designer happiness and design team success.

Kristin will share her experience on how design organizations can best grow, and what this might mean for designers and the future of design in Israel. This talk will provide a mix of practical takeaways with a focus on the essential elements that design organizations need to be most effective – Design People, Design Practice, and Design Platforms – and to best support happier designers, better designers, and more effective teams.

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Kristin Skinner

Founder, &GSD

Kristin Skinner is a design management executive and recognized thought leader in design leadership, operations and design program management. She is co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams, the first book dedicated to the organization, management, and operations of in-house design teams.

In 2017, she founded &GSD, a design consultancy focusing on the organization, management, and operations of in-house design teams via consulting and community building.

A frequent conference keynoter and workshop leader, Kristin co-created and co-curates the DesignOps Summit series—the foremost global Design Operations event—and curated Adaptive Path's Leading Experience conference.

Her executive experience includes senior design leadership and management roles at Chase, Capital One, Adaptive Path, and Microsoft.

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