רותם בנט

Technology-based post-doctoral research of Social-neuroscience – Group motion-tracking and relation to inter-brain coupling and neural synchronization of cognitive functions [using: Unity, Matlab, C#, C++, Python].

PhD research of human cognition – mental imagery, memory, and identity in immersive VR environments, at the Technion’s Virtual-Reality and Neurocognition lab. Exploring “Embodied Cognition” theories and phenomena when situated in Virtual-Reality and re-embodied into alternative illusory physical identities.

Until lately: Microsoft-Research (MSR) Innovation Labs – Research and development of unique VR/AR/MR, NUI prototypes, and innovative UX concepts, mostly based on cutting-edge Computer-Vision technologies, together with insights from human neuroscientific phenomena. Worked closely with the Xbox vision & sensors team, and has been an individual contributor (main author of several patents) at the very early stages of Microsoft’s HoloLens project.