liza kindred

Liza Kindred

Liza Kindred is the founder of fashion tech think tank Third Wave Fashion. She is writing a book about the future of commerce (The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now, O’Reilly, 2015), and speaks frequently about the future of fashion, the future of commerce, and wearable technologies. She provides insights and education to fashion brands and technology companies about how we’ll be conducting commerce in the near (and distant) future. Third Wave Fashion publishes the only monthly Fashion Tech Report in the world, and has a database of 1200+ fashion tech startups. Liza also serves as advisor to a number of new commerce startups.

You can find her in Brooklyn, or on Twitter at @LizaK.


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WTF Wearables?!

Liza Kindred

Everyone loves to use the phrase wearable tech–and to talk about how many billions there are to be made–but if wearables are so grea...