Introducing UXI Live

UXI Live is the largest, most comprehensive UX/UI design conference in Israel. Over 1,000 UX, UI and Product Design professionals and enthusiasts attend it every year.

Since the first event at 2010, UXI Live has become a must-attend annual event for anyone working in Design, Design Leadership and Product Management – so say our event participants. Attendance has been growing steadily every year, and there’s a reason: high quality content and curation, and networking with all of the Israeli design industry. It's a combination that’s hard to beat. Seniors and Juniors alike are drawn to the event every year.


The event mainly attracts UX Designers, Product (UX/UI) Designers, UI/Visual Designers and Product Managers. Around 80% are in either design or product management.

The conference also sees many others attend each year, including: System Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Software/Web Project Mangers, Digital Managers , Marketers, Marketing Managers, Developers , Technical Writers, Students studying Design, Psychology and Technology, as well as UX and UI Design course students and alumni.

Attendees come from a wide range of companies, although most of them come from software companies. Companies have the widest range possible in size – from 3-10person startups to global enterprise companies with thousands of employees and more. About 60% are in B2B-oriented products and services, and about 40% in B2C.

Speakers & Training

Most speakers at UXI Live are from the local design industry, though a few professional speakers are often flown in to the conference from around the world.

Since local speakers create an original talk for the conference, and since they are usually not professional speakers, they are given ample coaching and guidance in preparation for the UXI Live stage, months ahead of the conference. After all, nobody is born a natural speaker, not when an audience of 1,000 people is involved.

The Team

The conference was founded by Barak Danin in 2010, along with a team of UX design industry visionaries, volunteers, who decided Israel has to have a great UX design conference of its own. Barak still heads the conference effort today, with a committee that chooses speakers and talks from 100-200 submissions, every year. Together with a great production company, speaker coach and an administrative assistant, they make this event happen every year.