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UXI Live 2017 | Bob Baxley
לתשומת לבך: הקלטות הרצאות הכנס זמינות באתר UXI Live Video
Bob Baxley
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Bob Baxley

Design Executive and Advisor, Formerly at Pinterest, Apple & Yahoo!

Bob Baxley is a design executive who lives and works in Silicon Valley. He most recently served as the Head of Product Design at Pinterest where he built, led, and managed a multifaceted design team responsible for both the consumer and business facing elements of Pinterest.

Prior to that, Bob spent over eight years at Apple, where he served in senior leadership roles for Apple’s retail and e-commerce teams. As a Director of Design, Bob hired and led the creative team responsible for a broad variety of applications including the Apple Online Store, the Apple Store app, and the transactional areas of iPhoto and GarageBand

As Director of Design for Yahoo! Search, Bob built and led the design team that created Yahoo! Answers and designed other search-centric properties. Bob’s career as a designer began at Claris Corporation where he was Lead UI Designer for the initial releases of ClarisWorks and MacProject Pro.

The author of “Making the Web Work”, Bob is also a sought after public speaker sharing his experiences and observations about a range of topics related to design, technology, innovation, and the culture of Silicon Valley.

Bob holds a B.A. in History and a B.S in Radio/Television/Film from the University of Texas at Austin as well as a Master of Liberal Arts from Stanford University.

זה הוא הכנס ה-11 שאנחנו מקיימים ומעולם לא קיבלנו אף תלונה ממשתתפי ומשתתפות הכנס. זה בגלל שחשוב לנו שכל המשתתפים, המרצים, נותני החסות, העובדים והמתנדבים בכנס UXI Live, יהנו מחוויית כנס מצויינת ויקיימו את קוד ההתנהגות המקובל, כלפי כל אחד אחר שהם פוגשים בכנס.

בכל בעיה תוכלו לפנות לאדוה שרס בדלפק הרישום של הכנס. ניתן גם ליצור קשר טלפוני,
03-571-8020 שלוחה 2

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