Product Strategy In a Startup

16.06 Mon. / 13:45
Des Traynor

Solving your own problem is a great way to start building a product. With traction comes pressure to expand your feature set to satisfy more potential customers. Without a product strategy it's all too easy to build a toolbox of tangentially related features, rather than a holistic product. In the short term the former wins more customers, but in the longer term it costs you deeply. It becomes impossible to market your product. Your elevator pitch is still going when everyone is out of the building. Your product becomes hard for customers to use, or adopt. Without a product strategy you can quickly drift into building consultingware, just that one more feature for that one more customer.

This fast paced, light hearted talk builds upon lessons learned from consulting with, and helping over 100 start-ups identify their core features, and orient a product strategy around them. It explains the commonly-used and commonly-misunderstood approaches to start-ups and presents easy to action takeaways for analysing your product and planning your product roadmap.

Des Traynor

Co-Founder, VP Customer Success, Intercom

Des co-founded Intercom, and heads up the customer success team. Their goal is to ensure our customers get the most value from the product, and have all the help they need in doing so.

Des writes Inside Intercom, the company blog, which is packed with insights, ideas, and thoughts about business, design, product management, and much more.

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